Four mystic shaman greet you in the jungle. A trickster monkey, playful toucan, wise tree kangaroo,
and a powerful leopard will be your guides to win big!


Our Main Play Field is a bright, playful scene. Here you collect amulets to summon the magic of the jungle. Character symbols earn you a lot of chips, but what you really want are three bonus symbols. 

The Bonus Play Field is where the real fun happens! You’ve worked with the shamen to summon the jungle's power! Land a tall leopard symbol to trigger re-spins, and win chips! 

The game design required two symbol sets, one for the main play field, and another for the bonus. Each symbol has a
pre-determined monetary value. Special symbols, like the wilds have unique animations and complex designs.

Character personality development and design. Our challenge was to create characters that will read quickly
and clearly on an iPhone screen



As a promotion for the Mystic Wilds Slot game, we decided to create a Jungle Adventure quest meta game. The player's goal is to navigate the forest, collecting crystals to harness magic to unlock the slots. Our charcters offer
hints and tips as you play. 

The crystal trail was added later in FX, and is not included in the images below.

As art director, it was my job to envision and create a coherent story, easily understood path, and engaging artwork that motivated player involvment. Each stage was designed to have a unique theme that kept the player moving forward.

Level design was a large portion of the work. All levels were tailored to fit each of our main characters.
This stage, The Valley, is the home of the toucan. 

The game mechanic is quite symple. A player advances through the quest by winning chips on other games in our app. Every large chip win will earn them their next crystal. Each level side scrolls to reveal the following stage. 

Our final scene unifies all of our characters. Totems of Kangaroo, Toucan, and Monkey greet you at the temple. Leopard speaks to you, congratulating your hard work, and offers you five final test to win.